New Project

New project designed to promote liner parts on the spare parts market


There plant will soon launch a new product into the market – cylinder block liners D245 jointly manufactured by OJSC Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant and OJSC Holding Management Company “Minsk Motor Plant.”

The product will be put up for sale under the trademark of Minsk Motor Plant. Band packaging, labelling of liners using a laser, and cast water jackets of the liners are the distinguishing features which will not go unnoticed and will allow to identify the detail among its analogues.

Liner parts will be produced at OJSC Holding Management Company “Minsk Motor Plant” from casts manufactured using the coated chill casting method at OJSC Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant.

 Demand analysis and the sale of the first batch of details will have begun already by the end of 2013.

The keystone to the success of the project is our broad experience and reputation of reliable partners, which have been long associated with the brand.