About the Plant


   Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant was founded on October 1, 1985, on the basis of the Lida Auto Repair Plant Foundry in compliance with the order № 209 “On the organisation of the Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant” issued by the BSSR State Farming Machines Committee on August 26, 1985.
Location of the plant: Republic of Belarus, 231300, Grodno Region, Lida, Kachana St., 4.

   The enterprise was created for the production of sand iron castings SCH-20. In 1989, the plant started to prioritise coated chill casting, which is a less resource-demanding and more economical type of foundry. Since 2003, the plant has been focusing on producing and selling iron casts and workpieces of cylinder liners for automobile and tractor engines as well as on producing consumer goods using the technology of coated chill casting.


  Among the plant’s products are such workpieces for automobile liners as 66-1002020-04, 24-1002020-05, 21-1002020-Б4, 410-1002023, 130-1002020 and 4022-1002023 for the engines of such car models as GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ, URAL and brake drum inserts for VAZ cars. All the products are certified.

  On November 16, 2004, the plant was registered in the Republic of Belarus National System of Certification Register under № BY/11205.0.0.0376 and granted a certificate which attests that the quality management system of the production of casts and workpieces meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001 - 2001,9001-2009.

   The plant has adopted a unique technological process developed by BELNIILIT where the technology of casting in a coated chill mould is used in the production of cylinder liners and consumer goods. In today’s industry, this technology is the most advanced one among all the others used in serial production of cylinder liners. The first chill casting machines were installed in the foundry shop of Lida Auto Repair Plant, which was later turned into Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant. The first batch of cylinder liners was produced in 1975. The enterprise disposes of modern gear needed for precise casting, which is made at the plant itself. Not only in Belarus but also in Europe, we are the only enterprise to implement this unique technology. When coated, metal hardens evenly, and the cylinder liner acquires all the expected properties, such as high enduring quality and density and structure uniformity, but the main advantage of the method is the precision of casting. The outer surface of a detail, its water jacket, does not require further machining work from the customer. The casting skin on the water jacket protects metal from corrosion and increases heat emission. Moreover, while a regular liner usually weighs 4.5-7 kg, the weight of a liner manufactured at our plant is 3.6-3.7 kg since machining allowance is reduced thanks to the precision of casting.

   Since 2003, not only the trademark of the plant, LLMZ, but also the customers’ trademarks have been cast on practically all the products. The plant exports the largest part of its products to assembly lines of engine plants and to Russian spare parts markets.

  During the years of the plant’s existence, the main strategic goal of the enterprise has been to get a profit to be able to pursue the country’s and the plant’s economic interests; to satisfy the employees’ social needs; and to keep the production quality at the state-of-the-art level of development in the fields of technology and engineering.